The Meththa Foundation-UK has opened its second Artificial Limbs & Appliances Service Center at Mahawa on 4-1-2014The Meththa Foundation-UK has opened its second Artificial Limbs & Appliances Service Center at Mahawa on 4-1-2014

At the conclusion of the war, we establishes a Rehabilitation Center at the District General Hospital in Mannar since July 2009, predominantly but not exclusively for those injured during the Tsunami and War. Artificial limbs provided by us are made to British / International standard by a team trained and led by a retired Sri Lankan British Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and a retired senior British Prosthetist.

People in Srilanka prefer to use an artificial foot made locally by the Meththa Foundation because of its more natural appearance and durability. We also incorporate some components fabricated in Birmingham, UK as well as in our workshop into our modular limb system, which further reduces costs and makes it possible to carry out dynamic adjustments to the limbs at the fitting stages to suit individual needs.



We do not charge anything for the very expensive and high quality components which are donated to us from the UK.  Dr. B.Panagamuwa  our Senior Consultant  gives his time freely. The Prosthetist and Technicians are paid a minimal stipend. The cost of a below knee artificial limbs is GBP 130 and that of an above knee artificial limb is GBP 137. In the UK the same limbs will cost a minimum of GBP 750 and 1500 respectively.

From July 2009 to date, we have assessed more than 3000 disabled from all over Srilanka and provided approximately 2200 artificial limbs and appliances. Majorities of our amputee people continue to remain under our care and depending on their activity levels; they need at least one major repair to their limbs every year. We use a mobile service to reach out to our people living in remote areas in SriLanka and roughly 60% of our service users are managed this way. So far we have conducted  more than 49 mobile services at Vavuniya, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Thunukai, Poonarin, Vellankulam, Illupaikadavai, Mathara ,Trincomalee and Kandy,



We will be doing our next mobile service at Kilinochchi , A -9 Road at Karunai Illum on 9th to 11th of January . We would highly appreciate your support to continue this noble humanitarian project and develop it into a lasting premier service. An amputation does not shorten the life of a person and we estimate that we will need to continue this service for our existing service users for another 70-80 years. In Srilanka the diabetes is rearing its ugly head and there will be an epidemic of amputations as a result of this. We are gearing up to meet this challenges as well.

We will be opening our Second  unit at Mankulam in April, with the help of LABARA, OMI Director, Rev Fr. Jeeva Paul in UK and Srilankan National Director of OMI                                 Rev Fr. Paul Natchathiram.

For more information please contact, our Team Lead and First trustee of the Meththa Foundation –UK. Dr. B.Panagamuwa,    email; .

On this occasion we thank the Ministry of Health, Colombo ,Mannar  and Mahawa, Our volunteer Board members and  Dr team at the head office in Colombo, The Government agents in Northern Province,  for their excellent cooperation to Maththa to do its humanitarian service in Srilanka.


The photo of the opening ceremony at our new unit at Mahawa is attached please.


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